Welcome to Minster Abbey
and the Daughter Church of St Peter's, Halfway,
on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent

'Revealing the love of God’

Welcome to West Sheppey! – beautiful coastlines and four churches – Halfway, Minster, Queenborough and Sheerness. These churches range from the ancient history (Minster Abbey, built circa 650AD) to the modern (St Peters, Halfway, built in the 1970’s) – each has its own style, its own beauty, its own story.

But they all share one common theme – they were built to worship the living God, and they continue to do so today. Each church has a lively congregation, each continues to worship each week, each continues to live God’s story in their community.

So come and visit us! See these magnificent buildings, read the history, meet the communities – and most of all, meet with God – both here in these buildings and alive in the lives of His people who live, work, and worship here. 

Rev'd Tim Hall

Normal times and format of services are:


 1st Sunday

 2nd Sunday

3rd Sunday 

 4th Sunday

 Minster Abbey

 08:30 HC (said)

11:00 FS

 11:00 FC

 08:30 HC (said)

11:00 MW

 11:00 HC

Holy Trinity

11:00 FC

11:00 FS

11:00 HC

11:00 MW

 Holy Trinity

 09:30 HC
 09:30 FS
 09:30 FC
 09:30 MW

5th Sunday see below

HC is Holy Communion, FC is Family Communion, MW is Morning Worship, FS is Family Service

Holy Communion is also celebrated at 10:30am each Wednesday in Sheppey Hospital Chapel and
at other times and locations as listed below.

There are currently no services at St Peter's

Easter Sunday, Pentecost & Christmas Day 
Joint Festival Service of Holy Communion.

Rota of services for August 2016

August 2nd (Tues) 10.00am Sheerness Holy Communion
August 3rd (Wed) 10.30am Sheppey Hospital Chapel Holy Communion

Abbey Fest:-

August 5th (Fri) 7:00pm Minster Evening Service

August 6th (Sat) Abbey Fest:-
    8.30am Minster Table Talk in Hall
  11.00am Minster Morning Service Richard Scott
            (Seminars and picnic!)
    7:00pm Minster Evening Service (David West)

Aug 7th (Sun) Abbey Fest:-
    8.30am Minster Holy Communion
  11.00am Minster Morning Service Bishop Trevor
            (Seminars and picnic!)
    7:00pm Minster Evening Service Bishop Trevor

August 9th (Tues) Sheerness Holy Communion
August 10th (Wed) 10.30am Sheppey Hospital Chapel Holy Communion

August 14th
    9.30am Sheerness Praise and Worship with Baptism
  11.00am Queenborough Praise and Worship
  11.00am Minster Communion

August 16th (Tues) 10.00am Sheerness Holy Communion
August 17th (Wed) 10.30am Sheppey Hospital Chapel Holy Communion

August 21st
   8.30am Minster Communion
   9.30am Sheerness Communion
 11.00am Queenborough Communion
 11.00am Minster Praise and Worship

August 23rd (Tues) 10.00am Sheerness Holy Communion
August 24th (Wed) 10.30am Sheppey Hospital Chapel Holy Communion

August 28th
    9.30am Sheerness Praise and Worship
  11.00am Queenborough Praise and Worship with Baptism
  11.00am Minster Communion


9:00am to 11:00am. Coffee Morning in Minster Abbey - please drop in
Third Tuesday  
14:00 Mothers' Union (Abbey Hall) 

9:30 Bell Ringers practice at Abbey

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Dates for your Diary

Fri 5th August to Sunday 7th Aug inc
AbbeyFest. Bishop Trevor Attending all day Sunday

Men's Breakfast

Held in Minster Abbey Hall one Saturday each month from 8.15am to finish by 10am.
Do come and join this friendly group for breakfast and to hear a good selection of guest speakers..
Watch this space for dates and details
For catering purposes please let us know you are coming!
Booking and Questions?:- Rev Tim Hall 01795-877734
Or e-mail:  tph@tesco.net

Holy Trinity Sheerness will be open every Weds for refreshments from 2pm to 4pm

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The New Benefice of West Sheppey

Minster Abbey & St Peter's are two of the churches in the Benefice of West Sheppey
The parish website is www.westsheppeyparish.org.uk
and further details of the new benefice can be found here

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Wedding Picture Collage
Rev’d Tim Hall, priest in charge of the West Sheppey benefice, has announced that he is creating a collage of wedding pictures in the churches of Holy Trinity Queenborough, Holy Trinity Sheerness, St Peters Halfway and Minster Abbey. It doesn’t matter when the wedding service took place as long as it was held at one of the four churches

If you would like your wedding photo to be included in the collage please send it by post to the Parish Office at the address on the contacts page for scanning or e-mail it as a jpg to: